ISG’s ultimate measurement of success is our client’s improved business results. The following examples highlight how we work with clients to create value and drive sustainable results.

Strategic Planning

Revenue growth from $220M to $450M; ROE growth from 4% to 12%

Three large cooperative grain companies were merging in an intensely competitive geographic area. All three companies brought distinct cultural behaviors, dated assets, stagnant sales, and low returns to the table.

Workflow Automation

20% reduction in cycle time to market

A large firm developing thousands of new products each year needed to implement a significant labor cost reduction. In addition, this firm had a requirement to speed their cycle time to market.

Culture Transformation

Core Earnings improved by 22.1%

A Federal Home Loan Bank had a culture that placed low emphasis on the profit motive a high value on customer satisfaction. The new CEO believed it was necessary to strengthen the balance sheet to ensure the bank would be in a position to support their client members when times got tough. This required a culture transformation.