Business Performance Appraisals

Leaders want and expect results and continuous improvement. However, developing and successfully executing a strategy that achieves these results is challenging at best. Customer behaviors and perceptions are complex and evolving. Products and technology are improving at a rapid pace. Competitors are a constant threat and new sources of competition such as online retailers are constantly emerging.

The ISG Insights™ Assessment Program provides leaders with a structured and systematic process to evaluate business performance around seven critical business elements. The program will allow your organization to understand business strengths, identify and prioritize improvement areas, and measure progress towards strategic and performance goals. Organizations that complete this program receive the tools, insights, and action plans necessary to improve revenue generation, realize cost efficiencies, and establish that all-important competitive advantage.


How do you respond to marketplace forces and industry trends affecting your business?


How is strategy set, deployed, adapted, and measured in your business?


How does your leadership team inspire, guide, and support your organization?

Business Intelligence

How is intelligence obtained and managed to drive performance and competitiveness?

Customer Focus

How does your organization engage its current, potential, and high value customers?

Employee Engagement

How do you engage and motivate your workforce to implement your strategy and drive business success?

Systems and Processes

How do you design, manage, and improve your business systems and processes?