Business Financial Planning

ISG’s Business Financial Planning service allows your leadership team to answer the following business questions…

If we do nothing differently, is our business sustainable long term?

Are we strong enough to continue growing? Should we grow at a faster or slower pace?

Do we have financial weaknesses that must be addressed and if so, what are the root causes?

What economic, competitive, or industry scenarios could lead us to financial problems in the future?

If we need to improve our financial condition in the future, what levers are available for us to pull?


The Business Financial Planning service provides a strategic assessment of the key drivers that impact long-term business profitability, sustainability, and growth. Company strengths, opportunities and challenges are explored and business levers identified to help your organization drive strong current and future financial performance.

How will my business benefit?

Candidates for ISG’s Business Financial Planning service are not only those businesses experiencing financial stress. This program is beneficial to companies in many typical situations. These include businesses that have…