The recent changes in the economic environment are creating new needs and opportunities for growth. With the uptick in market trends and the easing of credit, there is renewed interest in merger and acquisition activities. But mergers and acquisitions are not without risk. A significant number of mergers and acquisitions do not achieve their expected results.

As entities become larger and more complex there is significantly higher risk with each new M&A decision. Additionally, companies participating in future mergers and transitions will have diverse leverage positions with some highly leveraged and some quite conservative. This will make valuations and post-transaction cultural shifts more challenging.

ISG has extensive experience in successfully completing mergers and acquisitions. ISG uses a systematic, hands-on method to assist company owners through each phase of the complicated and sometimes confusing process. ISG will begin with the structuring, the negotiating, and work through the closing of a transaction.


If your interest is in acquiring additional businesses, ISG will search the market, identify targets, and evaluate the best opportunities for your growth strategy. If your company has undergone recent acquisitions, there is a trend toward securing alternative financing and equity allowing the company to complete the growth vision. ISG will assist in researching options, providing recommendations and guiding you through securing alternative financing or outside capital for your company. In this process, ISG will work closely with you and your company through the planning, design, and implementation phases of the deal.


If you have an interest in merging all or a part of your business, ISG will assess the value, strengths, and weaknesses of your company, identify merger opportunities, and help you find the best opportunities to fit your strategic needs. ISG will also assist in defining the merged entity, structuring the deal, negotiating and closing the transaction. ISG will also work closely to integrate the merged entities ensuring the pre-transaction goals are met.