Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is critical during times when business conditions are difficult. While no planning will foretell exactly how the market will evolve or what business issues may surface, a repeatable strategic planning process and decision-making framework will allow your organization to...



ISG’s strategic planning model will provide new insights on the strategic thinking process and the most critical implementation factors that should be considered.

Planning and Assessment

For strategic planning to be successful, organizations must obtain stakeholder buy-in, define planning success, solidify timeframes, and determine involvement/accountability. ISG will provide a structured process to help leaders accomplish this essential up-front planning work. Once accomplished, current and future state business scenarios will be created in the assessment phase based on internal and external environmental scans, business metrics, prior strategic goals, and identified business issues.

Vision, Values, Strategies, and Objectives

To ensure new strategies are consistent with company fundamentals, ISG will walk the organization through a review of the company vision, values, and core competencies prior to setting strategic goals. ISG will then lead the team through the creation of strategic goals and objectives based on the completed assessment and vision/values work.

Implementation Planning

A fundamental aspect of plan execution is the allocation, alignment, and deployment of resources (people, money, and time) to effectively meet strategic goals. ISG’s program will define standards of accountability and milestones for strategic programs, align the company towards strategic goals, and develop a communications strategy to effectively engage all levels of your organization in the accomplishment of strategic goals.

Measurement and Modification

Throughout the planning process, measurements will be established for goals and objectives. At the conclusion of the planning phase, ISG will assist in creating a strategic governance process responsible for monitoring progress, removing roadblocks, and approving goal modifications based on changing internal or external environmental factors.