Customer Experience Programs

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships is more critical in today's market than ever before. Research shows that it costs five to ten times more to find new customers than it does to keep the ones you already have. Economic conditions, new sources of competition, diminishing brand loyalty, and more sophisticated buyers are all creating higher sales and service expectations.

The AIM Customer Experience Program is intended to improve your company's profitability by optimizing the overall customer experience. The program has three components…

Assess: To understand the current customer experience, ISG conducts secret shopping experiences and customer interviews with your customers and with your competitor's customers. Shopping experiences are conducted in store, by phone, and on-line. Measurement criteria will be customized based on sales best practices as well as client needs and areas of concern. Interviews are conducted via phone to understand customer perceptions and satisfaction with their overall experience with your business.

Intelligence gathered from this process uncovers strengths and gaps in the customer experience at an individual employee, store/department, and company level.

Improve: Based on the insights from the assessment, high-impact and cost effective solutions are prioritized for development in the areas of employee sales/customer service training, process improvement and/or alignment, and branding/marketing.

Measure: Post-improvement shopping experiences are conducted over a period of time to measure the success of improvement efforts, identify remaining shortfalls, and motivate employees to consistently demonstrate positive customer experience behaviors.

ISG experts will develop a flexible program designed to meet your organization's specific goals. The results will be an optimized customer experience that will delight customers and keep them coming back.