Customer Loyalty Surveys

Customer acquisition and retention strategies have become difficult to create and execute. Economic uncertainty has created a cautiousness about spending that is changing the purchasing behaviors of today’s consumer. Social and digital media is transforming relationships between businesses and their customers, requiring more personalized interactions. These changes come at the same time that companies are placing increased focus on cost containment, often reducing dollars spent in key customer “touch point” areas such as marketing and service.

To effectively compete in what is “the new normal,” companies must have a clear and current understanding of customer values and perceptions. ISG successfully provides valuable customer intelligence to our clients through our unique “Insights” services. ISG works with your organization to identify key customer segments and interviews customers within these segments. We collect loyalty ratings and then discuss the reasoning behind these ratings with each customer. To provide a complete assessment, ISG also interviews customers of your closest competitors to understand competitive business strengths and identify your competitive advantages and improvement opportunities. The results allow your business to form game-winning acquisition and retention strategies.