Process and System Optimization

When you make an investment in system and process improvement, you want to see bottom-line impact. ISG has years of experience optimizing systems and processes in order to produce highly efficient operations, waste reduction, and bottom-line profitability improvement. ISG’s system and process optimization programs provide guidance and training in systems modeling, process and productivity, quality systems, and business intelligence.

We use proven methodologies and quality assurance techniques tailored to meet your business needs in a cost effective way. With every project, we focus on the following critical elements of project success…

Goals and Prioritization

Determining goals and priorities for business improvement can be challenging at best. In every business, there is the ongoing tension between the abundance of "optimization opportunities" and limited funding within a given timeframe. ISG gathers critical data that will allow your organization to establish goals and priorities based on customer feedback, market and competitive trends, and cost concerns/process inefficiencies.

Culture and Alignment

“We want to improve, we just don’t want to change!” It is an age old conflict. However, companies that fail to address this natural aversion to change upfront are almost sure to fail in their improvement efforts. Proactive steps are necessary to strategically and operationally align organizations as well as to establish a culture unafraid of or even motivated to change. ISG will assist you through the turbulent process of change management, motivation, and alignment.

Improvement Techniques

Choosing the best improvement tool is vital to success. Quality tool effectiveness is highly dependent on the problem you are trying to solve as well as where you are in your improvement process. Using the wrong tool can create frustration, cause inefficiency, and slow down improvement efforts. ISG will analyze situational factors to select the best quality tool for the objective at hand. ISG is also qualified to train employees on the principles and uses of selected improvement tools.

Measurement and Controls

Measuring success is essential but often tackled well after process improvement efforts have begun. Establishing the right metrics early in the process drives fact-based decision making and the right behaviors across your company. ISG works with your teams to ensure that appropriate metrics are defined, unnecessary measures are avoided, and the information flow is available and accurate. We will also help you develop ongoing internal control via audits and/or measurement reviews.