Process and Productivity

All work is a process, but the devil is in the details. Think about your business; do you put the same effort into process design as product design? How about process improvement versus product improvement? Most expenses flow to work processes, so even if your operation is profitable, significant waste may be hiding in your processes. Ask yourself:

ISG experts will assist your organization in eliminating waste and bottlenecks in order to produce effective work processes and improved productivity. Work sampling, lean process mapping, and force-fit analysis are just a few of the tools we will use to identify and implement improvements.

By applying well known standard practices and integrating measurement systems and improvement projects with your strategic objectives, we will help your operation move up to the next level in the following categories...

ISG will take your organization to a new profitability high through process optimization. Many companies realize significant advantages by using a third party to facilitate the process improvement process. Impartial, objective third-party facilitation will assist in maximizing participation and idea generation. Even more importantly, leaders can maintain focus on running the business knowing that progress is being made on internal processes.