Compensation is a powerful tool. Start talking about pay and you will get everyone’s attention. Compensation consistently shows up on all employee surveys as one of the top five elements affecting employee satisfaction and engagement.

Compensation is also one of the major cost factors of any business. This condition creates an inherent conflict between owner and employee, a conflict that drains energy from the organization. ISG has a proven compensation methodology that eliminates this conflict. By managing compensation as an investment rather than a cost and balancing base and incentive pay appropriately, owners and employees are aligned to maximize the ROI. ISG works with your organization to…

Leadership Compensation

Losing key members of your leadership team is costly, reducing the organization's effectiveness and value. Achieving long-term business goals requires a stable and cohesive leadership team that has deeply rooted experience with the challenges and opportunities facing your company. However, developing an effective compensation package to attract, motivate, and retain your leaders is a challenging task.

ISG applies innovative and flexible incentive plans to retain and motivate your employees and leadership team for the long term. Each plan is customized to meet the client's long-term goals: profitable growth, generational transition, sale, or maximizing the value of an acquisition.