Culture Development

"Technology is easy to develop. Developing a new attitude, moving the culture, is the difficult part."

Dean Kamen, Inventor of the Segway

Developing a strong strategic plan is critical to the success of an organization. However, the success of a strategic plan is highly dependent on how well employees can execute the plan. Employees are your “front line” and are critical to the success of your company. The Hay Group recently reported that the ability to attract the most qualified employees and fully engage them in the business provides a sustainable competitive advantage.

Today’s most successful companies and employers of choice all have one thing in common…they allocate resources to developing employee engagement systems.

As a long-time thought leader, ISG has the core competency to develop engagement strategies tailored to your organization. Anchored in the foundations of behavioral science, ISG develops employee engagement systems that are aligned with business goals, performance-based, and flexible to meet the needs of each client. Like all of our "people" oriented services, employee engagement incorporates an integrated approach with the other systems within your organization to ensure synergy.

By using the above talent management methodologies, ISG creates a road map to transform your business culture to a high involvement/high performance environment where employees think and act like business partners.