Employee Engagement Surveys

Cost containment…Layoffs…Talent squeeze…The need to do more with less. These are the facts both employers and employees are facing today. Harsh economic times are pushing many employers to implement variable compensation and reward systems based squarely on performance. Job insecurity, increased performance expectations, and minimal incremental rewards are creating stress in the workforce.

Companies who maintain a motivated workforce and retain key talent while still maintaining cost controls will have an advantage in the marketplace. Engaged employees result in satisfied customers. As economic conditions improve, turnover of high-value employees is also expected to rise dramatically. Retaining talent will prevent “brain drain” and costly turnover expenses.

To create and maintain a motivated workforce, organizations must keep a pulse on employee perceptions and engagement levels. ISG provides a flexible and customizable online employee insights survey that measures six key engagement components: Leadership, Communication, Satisfaction, Workplace Environment, Customer Focus, and Employee Development Opportunities. Intelligence gathered from this easy and quick assessment will identify organizational best practices, process and technology opportunities, and cost effective strategies to motivate and engage your employees.