Client Testimonials

Employee Engagement and Performance

Department level performance ScoreCards, linked to incentive pay and business literacy training enabled a privately owned company to compete effectively against low cost imports from China.

“If we hadn’t done this we would have lost over two hundred thousand dollars of profit this year.”

CFO, Manufacturing & Distribution Company

Having lost focus, the company was in danger of going under. An executive dashboard, performance ScoreCards for each department, incentive pay, and process mapping engaged the employee population and focused their efforts on critical performance issues.

“The incentive pay system helped us turn around the company.”

Owner – HVAC Company

A dashboard and phantom stock plan for executives, and department ScoreCards and incentive plans for managers enabled this company to focus its management talent on implementing strategy.

“These solutions were essential to achieving our growth plan.”

CEO, General Contractor Firm – Construction

An executive dashboard, department ScoreCards, and process maps created focus, understanding, and accountability on the part of leadership and throughout the workforce. These tools enabled management to prioritize and allocate resources most effectively.

“We now have greater control. The solutions put things into perspective as to how to best manage the business.”

CFO, Vending & Food Services Company

Department ScoreCards enabled managers to communicate to all employees where to focus their efforts…and to measure their contribution.

“We now have precise measures for performance evaluation and employee development.”

VP of HR, Manufacturing & Distribution Company

This owner was tired of being the only one who was concerned about the success of the company. Phantom stock plans for executives and incentive pay for all employees created a sense of focus and shared destiny for this company…with a payout based on delivering results.

“What is it worth to get all your people to think about the business the way you do?”

CEO, Developer and General Contractor

A redesigned pay system helped this law firm address the issues of declining revenues and difficulty attracting lateral hires. Individual performance ScoreCards, linked to pay, created line-of-sight, commitment, accountability and a sense of teamwork.

"The ScoreCard makes the budget meaningful to everyone. It builds accountability and provides opportunity for people to succeed."

Chairman - Regional Law Firm

In order to compete against low cost imports, this company was committed to engaging all employees in the business. Executive dashboards, a phantom stock plan, department ScoreCards, an all-employee incentive pay plan, process mapping, and training in team action-planning were part of the tactics used to develop a culture of partnership, where all employees think and act like partners.

“These are essential tools for building our company.”

President/CEO, Midwestern Manufacturing Co.

With a strategy of being the 'Employer of Choice', an incentive pay plan enabled this client to hire the best qualified employees without increasing their fixed labor costs.

“This incentive pay system is the best recruiting tool I have ever seen.”

CEO, Midwestern Bank

Strategy and Business Development

Struggling to become profitable, this startup company needed to focus limited resources on top priority opportunities. A series of strategic planning workshops created alignment, focus, and a tactical plan of action.

“Thanks for two great sessions. Would have been good for the company if we’d done this a long time ago. Might have gone some different ways.”

CEO, Software Development Company

Process and System Optimization

"To the best of my knowledge, no one knows as much about analyzing, understanding and addressing organizational costs and business problems as Doug Wood. His insight is no-nonsense when he identifies problems and improvements.”

CEO, Quality and Performance Improvement Foundation

"Doug takes a wealth of experience in manufacturing and quality processes and translates it into straightforward ideas that anyone can understand. In addition to his book, The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Quality Cost Programs, he has developed other tools to help companies define their quality process issues and find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. His creativity and enthusiasm for helping companies is obvious, both in consultations and workshops."

VP production, Ink Manufacturer

"If you're wanting to know how well your organization leverages your quality processes Doug can give you a quick snapshot with an innovative tool he's developed. He can then help your organization significantly improve that leverage through the use of data."

President, APLOMET/Applied Logical Methods

“Doug is an adaptable, knowledgeable consultant and teacher. Doug has significant manufacturing and transactional experience and can translate between these two modalities with ease. He has shown cost-saving results in contracts and companies.”

Process Manager, John Deere

Employee and Customer Surveys

“The on-line employee survey and customer audits were very important contributions to the optimization process and were used to develop our initiatives to improve our business. We also used the information to share with our employees to give them feedback and develop ideas for improving department performance.”

General Manager, Neuhaus & Co.
John Deere Dealership

“The Business Optimization Program has been a very good program for our Dealership Group. It has opened our eyes to many different items that we often overlooked, or took for granted in everyday business. It has allowed us to take these items and make them priority every day without being burdensome or time consuming. It simply makes us think about and prioritize these items on a more consistent basis. The Customer feedback was in some instances surprising, but not near as surprising as our employee feedback and needs. The feedback from both areas has been very useful information, and we have addressed and will continue to address the needs and desires of both our customers and employees on a much more consistent basis. The program was/is something our Dealership Group will benefit from now and for years to come.”

Owner, Northeast Equipment
John Deere Dealership

“I believe the process has been very useful in developing a stronger understanding of what employees and customers expect from Enns Brothers and what we can do to address the opportunities provided by them to be a sustainable and profitable business. The fact based methodology of BOP has helped us keep our emotions out to develop rational action plans for our organizational development. Employee and customer comments have provided us with invaluable information. I would recommend BOP to any organization which is experiencing growing pains because of rapid growth and is serious about increasing employee and customer satisfaction.”

Owner, Enns Brothers
John Deere Dealership

“The employee survey interviews gave us good information to be able to be very effective in developing a message to approach and sell competitive customers that we didn’t have before.“

Owner, Lasseter Implement
John Deere Dealership